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About Tuesday 21 July 1668

James Little  •  Link

Does anyone know what Sam’s own coat of arms looks like? I remember he had some wine bottles made and had a version of his crest on them but I wonder what it looked like.

About Saturday 25 January 1667/68

James Little  •  Link

The ropery in Chatham dockyard is still there, still working, selling commercially and until covid was open to visitors. My wife has a piece of rope she made there.

About Sunday 5 May 1667

James Little  •  Link

Batch we use the term slack water for the still period between the tides. Standing water is as was said a puddle. There is also a phoneme on called a standing wave caused by tide and sometimes wind.

About Friday 22 February 1666/67

James Little  •  Link

When Samuel says a girl is ugly does he mean it in the sense that we understand today or could he mean something else such as spotty? I remember someone in the diary obtaining some “puppy dog water” (urine?) for another girls ugly face.