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About One of Samuel's plates at the Museum of London

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We owe a great deal to Samuel Pepys and his diary entries, what can I say, it gives us so much insight into the past, and what a past, The Great Fire, the beheading of King Charles II, The Plague, The Royal Navy, battles, a look at life inside the King's Court. His diary entries can also be very amusing, funny and above all, very fascinating, so yes, we have surely been blessed for such a man.

About Question and Answer with Claire Tomalin

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Claire Tomalin has described Samuel Pepys and his life story in great detail, I myself did not have an education, and there are a few paragraphs which I don't quite understand and have to go back over it. But having said that, Claire has opened up the very interesting world of this wonderful character, we owe Pepys so much for letting us have so much insight into past events. So, I would like to give a very warm thank you to both Claire Tomalin and Samuel Pepys.