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About Thursday 26 April 1660

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Re copies - I spent my working life in the Hudson's Bay Company Archives and so became familiar with 'letterpress copies' - but they came along in the 19th century - interesting the different ways of avoiding the tedious business of making copies simply by writing the document again…

Second Reading

About Thursday 11 June 1668

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"They are hard to tell but yet may be told." It was believed that there was a magic to standing stones that made them impossible to count accurately. There is a good Wikipedia article on Countless Stones.

About Monday 31 December 1666

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I never thought of salt goose as a treat! In winter the employees of the Hudson's Bay Company ate large quantities of geese that had been salted in barrels. An article from Ontario History, Fall 2017, by John S Long et al, gives a figure of 700 salted geese eaten by 24 men over the course of 10 weeks - about 3 geese per man per week. These were wild geese, of course. And I suppose this annotation is somewhat of an anachronism as, from Sam's current point of view, the Hudson's Bay Company doesn't yet exist - it was founded in 1670.