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About Friday 1 January 1668/69

Samuel Powrie  •  Link

Apart from his book cases & other furnishings from his library room, has anything survived of Sam's domestic furniture or possessions - warming pan, walnut cabinet...?

About Sunday 23 September 1666

Samuel Powrie  •  Link

What exactly do luminaries think this means?

"...and there did sport with her, without any knowledge of her though."

Is this 'knowledge' in the Biblical sense d'ye think? Sam

About Tuesday 18 September 1666

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"Troubled at my wife’s haire coming off so much." Given her relative youth and what we know about her, I would suspect Hashimoto's Disease or some similar form of progressive hypothyroidism.

About Sunday 5 August 1666

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Has anyone ever worked out how many times - on average & per diary entry - Pepys mentions a girl friend or makes reference to some other object of his lust? Better still, has anyone worked out how many women he was consorting with (or seeking to consort with) at any one time? And I wonder how exceptional (or otherwise) in this regard he might have been?