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About Friday 12 August 1664

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A propos the case to keep his kidney stone in --
Years ago I spoke on Sam Pepys at our local English-Speaking Union, and a man in the back of the room got up to say he'd seen that stone, in a museum in London.

About Saturday 16 April 1664

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Another of those days when I wish I could give Sam a cell phone to keep track of where everyone is -- save him all that fruitless walking.

About Thursday 31 December 1663

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Hi there. I'm 90 years old, first read Pepys when those new translations were being published year by year. Enjoying the discussions. Happy New Year to all and to all a good night.

About Thursday 6 August 1663

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These Anglo-Saxons seem to prefer blondes altogether, with "black" a synonym for "ugly" -- in the folk song the young lady says of her handsome winsome Johnny that "some say he's black, but I say he's bonnie".

About Tuesday 28 July 1663

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Could have fooled me...did, in fact. I was sure those long detailed entries must have been written hot from the happening. Those must have been great notes Sam took over several days. Don't you wish we had a sample of them?

About Saturday 25 July 1663

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888 words. It's easy to see which days Sam enters later from note he's taken, and which ones he enjoys re-living in the wee small hours.

About Saturday 25 October 1662

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"I say it's spinach, and the hell with it" is the punch line from a cartoon back in the 1930s -- okay, maybe the 40s. I wonder if Bradford is still alive -- he or she made that comment in 2005.