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Second Reading

About Thursday 15 December 1664

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"to try the charge"
I suspect this should be read as "to try the change". Pepys is making a change from tallow candles which offend him, to wax, likely bee's wax, which when burned give off the odor of fine honey.

About Tuesday 5 November 1661

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'seeing the boys in the streets flying their crackers'
I checked Wheatley to be convinced 'flying' was correct, and not 'firing'. We are discussing fire-crackers, are we not? The OED gives 'to fly' a meaning of 'to discharge in the air as a missile.

About Tuesday 18 December 1660

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I read 'without stirring at all' in the sense of staying indoors (to keep an eye on the workmen), not stirring outside the house at all. Am I alone in this?

About Seething Lane

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Why is Seething Lane so named? Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable is silent on the subject. The OED offers no explanation. I do not have access to Britannica, and to date no one has volunteered an opinion among these annotations.