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About Thursday 23 January 1661/62

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@ A Foggy Day.....

Eleanor of Provence was indeed the wife of Henry III.

Eleanor of Aquitaine was Henry's grandmother by his fathers side (John Lackland)

About Friday 28 June 1661

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@Dick: The diary is recording, bit by bit, the slow crumbling of their marriage.

Even though Sam's comments in his diary do not always reflect "the perfect marriage" whatever that may be, then or now, I am convinced that Sam loved his Elisabeth dearly. There is some genuine and deep grief expressed in his later diary and letters concerning her death.

About Sunday 4 November 1660

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Brabant is certainly NOT a part of Holland! This is as grievous an insult as calling Welshmen or a Scotsman English..... Brabant is an ancient duchy straddled on the Dutch/Belgian border whereas Holland is but a county.... Brabant together with Flanders grew very rich in the Middle Ages making the finest cloth from English wool. It is said that Richard Coeurlion gave Saladin amongst others this particular cloth as a token of his esteem...... Needless to say I am from Brabant and proud of it!

About Saturday 20 October 1660

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The Roman emperor who levied taxes on urine was Tiberius who told his son who didn't fancy the idea "Pecunia non Olet" or money doesn't stink....

About Monday 26 March 1660

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I absolutely agree with you in this, our boy is celebrating to be alive in his little cabin and enjoying the wow-factor of being recognised as a man of (growing) importance. Also, show me the man who will not, albeit in his innermost thoughts, be a little flattered by attention of our superiors....

About Sunday 29 July 1660

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Our boy would not consider the little kick-backs as corruption. It was all in day's work, you would do business (Sam scrupulously looking for the best the King's money could buy) and beforehand or afterwards you would get a "suitable" gift, There are seevral instances where he refuses gifts or feels uneasy because the gifts are either to expensive (not fitting the transaction) or he doesn't want to do business at all with the giver. There is one entry where he has a very clear opinion on (I think ) Sir Batten for accepting a gift for a purchase of below standard goods. As said, it was accepted practice but Sam at least had the decency to ensure that good stuff was puchased.

About Wednesday 15 February 1659/60

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When will we see the return of the incredible Robert Gertz as reader of this blog and poster if some really hilarious stuff,,,,,

About Sunday 15 July 1660

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Let's not forget; "talking candidly about religion" is still not "safe" in large parts of the modern world as well....

About Friday 13 July 1660

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Give it a few pages and you will see that Leads is indeed some sort of flat roof where the proud owner of the house could take some "ayre" in and enjoy the views. If I am not mistaken (spoiler alert!) our boy looks from the leads to the Great Fire drawing near...

About Monday 9 July 1660

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Thanks Frank for your resume on how we, the Dutch (mis)pronounce man, men and Harwich.... You are probably right....

About Saturday 7 July 1660

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Happy to find that Phil has started posting all over again and again looking forward to some interesting reading the coming decade...