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Third Reading

About Tuesday 7 February 1659/60

Elizabeth  •  Link

What a delightful turn of phrase!
"a spiteful or merely jocular journalist would certainly make us for a week of two malodorous in the public nostril."
There are so many interesting quotes and notes on this board. Thanks so much, Phil and Terry.

About Wednesday 4 January 1659/60

Elizabeth  •  Link

I find the information about cold and snow causing a 'swelled nose' very interesting. It matches a problem I had last week when the temp here was in the teens (F) and my nose got so stuffy, as if I had an allergy to the cold. And I had trouble sleeping, too, until it finally settled down. Humans have the same problems century to century.

Second Reading

About Sunday 14 March 1668/69

Elizabeth  •  Link

Somehow, the idea of John Gadbury that the weather has a variable air sounds lovely. Very temperate and maybe warm? It was a good description of the weather here today.
Made for a nice walk.

About Monday 23 December 1667

Elizabeth  •  Link

I add my thanks to Mountebank and SD Sarah. Thank you Phil and Terry for all your work. This site is certainly a welcome distraction from the current plague.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

About Sunday 16 December 1666

Elizabeth  •  Link

I was much struck by this bit of 400 year old wisdom:
"...for no Parliament can, as he says, be kept long good, but they will spoil one another..."
We see this there in UK and here in US. Charles certainly knew what he was talking about!

About Tuesday 7 August 1666

Elizabeth  •  Link

Noticed this
"where I met Mr. Batelier with my wife, in order to our going to-morrow, by agreement, to Bow to see a dancing meeting. But, Lord! to see how soon I could conceive evil fears and thoughts concerning them;"
So he's concerned about Mr B and Bess? Rather ironic after his shenanigans yesterday.

About Friday 23 February 1665/66

Elizabeth  •  Link

Happy birthday, Mr. Pepys! 33 is a good age and you've accomplished so much.
We are lucky to have all his personal information and his perspective on the goings on in London.
So thanks to Phil, too, for maintaining this site.

About Monday 25 December 1665

Elizabeth  •  Link

I have been reading the daily entries for months now and enjoying the annotations. I just never signed up to add my 2 cents!
So today, I want to say Happy Holidays to all the annotators and especially to Phil for all his work here. It is appreciated, even if we don't say it.