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14 Apr 2018, 9:39 p.m. - Harry

Australian Susan notes that "Incidently, the Crown still pays a pension to direct descendents of the Penderel family who assisted Charles at the time of the oak tree episode." A parliamentary question in 1931 asked after this and was answered thus: "These pensions consisted of a number of fee farm rents formerly payable to the Crown, but granted by Letters Patent of 24th July, 1676, to three trustees in trust for various members of the Pendrell family, with benefit of survivorship to the others on failure of heirs of any one of the beneficiaries and with reversion to the Crown on failure of all issue. The Crown's reversionary interest was sold in 1923, and the pensions are now administered by a private trust. I have no information as to their discontinuance or otherwise. The original pensions were six in number, two of £100 per annum, one of £50 per annum, and three of 100 masks (£66 13s. 4d.) per annum)."