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About Sunday 30 October 1664

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Matt Newton : Terry Foreman emailed me about this as I have stopped regularly annotating. Our Sam had become quite the reformer in religion. For him, the main purpose of going to church was for the sermon (OK, rephrase that his unstated main purpose was to ogle pretty women and to be seen by his peers in his own gallery seat). So, he would ensure he came to church in time to hear the sermon. The Navy Office had their own gallery with its own entrance so this need not have been too disturbing). He is often quite critical of sermons. I am unsure quite what he disliked about the sermons he expressed dislike of. In the country, service times were arranged around agricultural requirements, so the time was mid morning after the cows had been milked. Afternoon service would have been whilst it was still light to save the expense of candles. It probably varied a bit with the seasons.