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About Monday 20 February 1664/65

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"Where at my office my wife comes and tells me that she hath hired a chamber mayde, one of the prettiest maydes that ever she saw in her life"

Thinking of how things are going with Sam this year, my heart sank at reading these words.

I think the use of French to report the antics is a distancing technique so Sam can recall them but not face them directly.

About Friday 10 February 1664/65

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I wonder how Sam got into the pickle of having lent so much money to Sandwich in the first place?

The idea of lending such a massive sum to one's employer puts me in mind of the poor sods working for Enron who had their life's savings as company shares in 401(k)s.

About Thursday 9 February 1664/65

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I have no problem reading Sam being sympathetic about the death of Mr Barlow. I think in a year where my view of Sam is changing, the way he handled that matter was to his credit.

But I do have a suspicion that if February 1664/65 Sam were to have done the deal, Barlow would have been feeling very sore at the outcome.

About Friday 16 September 1664

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This caught my eye:

"This day old Hardwicke came and redeemed a watch he had left with me in pawne for 40s. seven years ago, and I let him have it."

Does "watch" mean "timepiece"? If so was it working? I recall reading a number of times annotators asking how our Sam would know the time when getting up during the night or very betimes.

About Wednesday 14 September 1664

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Happy diary midpoint fellow annotators!

It's been a delight to have followed the diary for the past (nearly) five years. It's opened up a whole world and these days time spent in London has an extra dimension. I'll be there on Sunday walking the route of the river Fleet.

Thanks very much for bringing us this remarkable site Phil.

About Saturday 27 August 1664

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Speaking of music, in an hour or so (28 August) this will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4:

"Lucie Skeaping tells the story of post-diary Samuel Pepys through the music he commissioned, some of it played for the first time in 300 years..."

It should be available for 30 days. Or possibly longer.

About Friday 27 May 1664

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Following on from the comments about whether Sam is making a joke, it is striking, well, at least to me, how few jokes there are in the diary (so far).

In the long running and comparatively very dull diary I keep, I never miss the opportunity to include jokes and word-play, and that's written solely for me without an audience in mind.

Perhaps the diary is full of jokes but we can't see them.