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About Friday 2 June 1665

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Actually, having just searched for "petal" I'm reminded it is also used for grown up women, particularly when referring to a partner.

About Friday 2 June 1665

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I do have a recollection of "flower" being used as a term of endearment for "girl" in British English. The word "petal" was and is used in that sense. Both being applied to young girls, hopefully much younger than Sam's "fairest flower".

About Thursday 13 April 1665

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Following on from Linda F, maybe Sam was afraid of jigging about and having farts shaken out of him in front of all and sundry.

About Wednesday 12 April 1665

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I go along with the comments above about the bed scene indicating that Sam could be a great deal of fun.

But it does bring to mind one thing that I find strange about the diary, and that's a lack of humour. In writing a [n extremely dull] diary for more than a decade I never miss the chance to include the humorous stuff, puns, absurdities, wryness, etc, because it just seems such an essential part of life. With Sam's evident playfulness, to me it would have been natural to see him do similar but there doesn't seem to be much sign of it. (It does make me wonder though whether the diary is teeming with 17th C humour that is simply invisible to us.)

About Friday 24 March 1664/65

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"The beggars are coming to town ... some in jags"

Since "jag" is slang for a Jaguar car (a high-end "British" motor), this reads amusingly to the modern eye.

About Monday 20 February 1664/65

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"Where at my office my wife comes and tells me that she hath hired a chamber mayde, one of the prettiest maydes that ever she saw in her life"

Thinking of how things are going with Sam this year, my heart sank at reading these words.

I think the use of French to report the antics is a distancing technique so Sam can recall them but not face them directly.

About Friday 10 February 1664/65

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I wonder how Sam got into the pickle of having lent so much money to Sandwich in the first place?

The idea of lending such a massive sum to one's employer puts me in mind of the poor sods working for Enron who had their life's savings as company shares in 401(k)s.

About Thursday 9 February 1664/65

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I have no problem reading Sam being sympathetic about the death of Mr Barlow. I think in a year where my view of Sam is changing, the way he handled that matter was to his credit.

But I do have a suspicion that if February 1664/65 Sam were to have done the deal, Barlow would have been feeling very sore at the outcome.