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About Thursday 24 September 1663

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" . . . grieved my heart to see that I should abuse so good a wretch, and that is just with God to make her bad with me for my wrongin of her, but I do resolve never to do the like again."
I think since Elizabeth took ill (the incident with hot Bess and cold beer) and Sam worried that she might die, he has softened much toward her. He does seem to truly love her, (spoiler alert: when she does die he is devastated) and, in her own way, she him. But since the incident he seems almost remorseful at his oft ill treatment of her and feelings about her and is trying to make amends (vis a vis making her Closet nice, ). I think this is why he felt remiss about his dalliance with Mrs. Lane. Unfortunately, we know he will wrong her again as that is human nature.

About Monday 21 September 1663

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" . . .and having got a good fowl ready for supper against her coming, . . ." Does that mean Sam cooked for her? Or was it byhaps the cooke/mayde? I recall an instance in which Sam did cook for them and some guests and was quite proud of his accomplishment.