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About Saturday 20 July 1667

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"You have the mail, Baldrick?"

(Tugs fetlock) "Yes Mr Blackadder, Sir. Here's one from the Prince Regent's private sec'y, reads 'Your letter of the 4th instant returned for insufficient grovel', 1 groat postage due."

Gertz steals a march on Richard Curtis ....

About Friday 19 July 1667

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Glyn - David Mitchell has put his effort into a new series, Upstart Crow, as a constantly frustrated author of Shakespearian works. "It's what I Do!!", he explains to all who will listen

About Cider

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Trans-atlantic translations can be tricky ... I grew up on Colonial cider, so after 3 glasses at the student union at the University of Sussex in 1967, me legs went into business for themselves, a memorable experience; since then I have favored the expression "legless"

About Friday 21 June 1667

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In 1963, I went down into a talc stone mine in rural northern Vermont (USA) and heard distinctly Elizabethan English spoken by most of the miners.

About Wednesday 12 June 1667

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Gertz - you should collect your bits of dialog into one document and post it on this site. I enjoy them as much as I do Sam's stuff.