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About Thursday 19 October 1665

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The letter he writes to Coventry is included in the Further Correspondence of Samuel Pepys (Ed Tanner 1929). Pepys writes...
“The truth is, I know of one that if you shall think fit have it propounded to, I dare go as far in assuring you the work shall be done to your mind, for I am sure he will take pains at it and stay by it, and (which is more) will by his other occasions be ever at hand, both for the ready receiving as well as giving directions and answers in all matters relating to this business”
A touch cringey by today's standards but maybe it is of its time and fitting of Samuel's station?

About Monday 25 December 1665

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I really like this entry, in the marriage comment, we get Samuel's humour & a more reflective Samuel & then we get the the torture of not balancing his books. For me there is lots of Samuel's character in this short passage

About Saturday 20 February 1663/64

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I think I know what the the " ‘Change " was but what did Samuel do there, was he buying victuals & equipment or was just a place to be seen. I am sure this has been asked but I have missed the answer.