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About Ald. William Crowe

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William Crow does appear in that link serving from 1659-1660, with the seat vacated apparently voluntarily. So I suggest he WAS an alderman and the spelling in the diary with an 'e' is wrong.

About Sunday 28 July 1661

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I'm betting Elizabeth has long figured out to describe any woman Sam shows an interest in as plain.

About Monday 17 September 1660

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It must be a strange time to live in. High infant mortality, people dropping like flies from smallpox and common illnesses. Sam probably had to wear those mourning clothes a lot.

About Friday 10 August 1660

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Running 3 laps of Hyde park would be close to 18 miles. I assume that can't be the case, and more likely there was a route around it or something which didn't span the boundary circumference. The official website suggests that Kensington Gardens (the western bit of the park) was part of Hyde Park proper at the time prior to remodelling so it would still be a long distance.

About Monday 4 June 1660

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I'm not sure that sailors who enjoy drinking, swearing and debauchery (probably most of them) would be satisfied by this proclamation.

About Tuesday 29 May 1660

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Nothing hard about estimating the height. Walk a N arm's lengths away from the cliff. Turn around and hold two sticks in front at same arms length in fist. Move one stick up and one down in fist so the tips touch the base and top of cliff. Approximate height of cliff is N times the length from tip to tip. Obviously the result is approximate but probably good enough for a bet.

About Saturday 14 April 1660

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One wonders why the bed maker didn't climb out the window after fooling the jailer. It's doubtful they would even think her involved given that they would believe Lambert to have escaped in the early hours of the morning.