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About Wednesday 13 July 1664

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Up and to my office, at noon (after having at an alehouse hard by discoursed with one Mr. Tyler, a neighbour, and

At an alehouse hard by discourse...?

About Monday 11 July 1664

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Poor Sam, he was so happy about being able to pass water so readily, now he is suffering so badly that he feels he cannot get out of bed in order to save his own home.
Is this because of what he ate today?

About Wednesday 6 July 1664

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This was a delightful entry; I clicked on almost every link, it was all so interesting to me. Is the King's pleasure boat the one that will, SPOILER, be destroyed by the Dutch in a few years?

About Thursday 30 June 1664

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they buy good meate, yet can never have it before it stinks, which I am ashamed of.

I cannot imagine what excuse they have for letting meat go that bad instead of just cooking it. I feel for you, Sam; this will not help your relationship with Sandwich.

About Wednesday 25 May 1664

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I was touched by Cape Henry's observation:
I find it rather poignant that Tom, who would otherwise have vanished forever, is immortalized by the brother who found him so wanting.
Well said!

About Thursday 19 May 1664

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jeannine on 20 May 2007 • Link • Flag

From Ruth Norrington's "My Dearest Minette"

Thank you Jeannine, that was a delightful surprise to my day.

About Thursday 12 May 1664

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and at noon Mrs. Hunt and her cozens child and mayd came and dined with me. My wife sick … in bed. I was troubled with it, but, however, could not help it, but attended them till after dinner,

I feel for Sam; up at 4am to start work early then unexpectedly has to entertain during his lunch time.