The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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Rex Gordon  •  Link

Stow's Survey (Lime Street Ward):

In St. Marie street had ye of old time a parish church of St. Marie the Virgin, St. Ursula, and the eleven thousand Virgins, which church was commonly called St. Marie at the Axe, of the sign of an axe, over against the east end thereof, or St. Marie Pellipar, of a plot of ground lying on the north side thereof, pertaining to the Skinners in London. This parish, about the year 1565, was united to the parish church of St. Andrew Undershaft, and so was St. Mary at the Axe suppressed and letten out to be a warehouse for a merchant.

Rex Gordon  •  Link

The site of St. Mary Axe ...

... is now occupied by the Gherkin! See Wikipedia under 30 St. Mary Axe for photos.

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