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"The Leathersellers' Company has owned six Halls, the first of which was sited on London Wall near Moorgate, an area long associated with the leather trade. It was in use from around 1476 until 1543 when the Company bought the former priory of St Helen on Bishopsgate. The old priory buildings were converted into a Hall, but they were increasingly expensive to maintain and so in 1799 the site was cleared and the first St Helen's Place laid out...." http://www.leathersellers.co.uk/simple.cfm?CFID...

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On John Stow's map, it be off Bishopgate street on Priory site of St Helen , from Elizabeths London Liza Picard.

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"The Leathersellers' Company is one of the ancient Livery Companies of the City of London, ranked fifteenth in the order of precedence. It was founded by royal charter in 1444 with authority to control the sale of leather within the City. The Company no longer has this regulatory role, and instead devotes its energies to support for charity, education and the British leather trade.
The Leathersellers' Company is made up of 150 liverymen and a variable number of freemen." http://www.leathersellers.co.uk/

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