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Important dates for Hugeunots, their diaspora, and settlement in England.

- 04/17/1521 Luther defends Protestant principles before the Emperor Charles V of Diet of Worms.
- 11/1534 Act of Supremacy makes Henry VIII head of Church of England
- 1536 Calvin published 'Institutes of the Christian Religion' having fled France in 1534.
- 1540 First substantial Huguenot settlements in Kent and Sussex,England.
- 1547 Increased immigration of Huguenots to Kent especially Canterbury.
- 1548 First Huguenot congregation established at Canterbury.
- 1550 Church of St.Anthony’s Hospital in Threadneedle Street given to French Huguenots.
- 8/23/1572 Massacre of French protestants(Huguenots)on Feast of St.Bartholomew.
- 1574 Huguenot settlement at Winchester Hampshire,England,moved to Canterbury.
- 04/13/1598 Henry IV issued Edict of Nantes granting Huguenots freedom of worship,Revoked by Louis XIV 1685.


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Per Stolzi on Thu 2 Jun 2005, 3:06 pm | http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1662/06/01/#c31658

“French Psalms”

This would probably be the music of the French Huguenot Protestants.


gives some sample pages of a French Psalter and some midi tunes, but I don’t see any harmonies here for Sam and friend.

This page


tells of Goudimel, who harmonized all the Psalms.

It sounds as if LeJeune’s work on the Psalms


would have been beyond two men singing together at home.

Finally, this page makes a very emotional statement about the appeal of the Psalms to the Huguenots:


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