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Colonel Williams —”Cromwell that was”— appears to have been Henry Cromwell, grandson of Sir Oliver Cromwell, and first cousin, once removed, to the Protector. He was seated at Bodsey House, in the parish of Ramsey, which had been his father’s residence, and held the commission of a colonel. He served in several Parliaments for Huntingdonshire, voting, in 1660, for the restoration of the monarchy; and as he knew the name of Cromwell would not be grateful to the Court, he disused it, and assumed that of Williams, which had belonged to his ancestors; and he is so styled in a list of knights of the proposed Order of the Royal Oak. He died at Huntingdon, 3rd August, 1673. (Abridged from Noble’s “Memoirs of the Cromwells,” vol. i., p. 70.)—B.

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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Henry Cromwell.

(Antonia Fraser…King Charles II)

“It was a measure of the King’s forgiveness that by a decade after the Restoration he was accepting hospitality from Henry Cromwell, second son of the late Protector, at his home in Newmarket.”

(and speaking on the rights of succession)…

“Presence often constituted right in doubtful succession, as the weak Richard Cromwell gained over his stronger brother Henry, at the time of Oliver’s death, simply as Henry was absent in Ireland.”

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