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At this time Sandwich is Master of the King's Swans and Bailiff of Whittlesea Mere.

"By 1378 the office of 'Keeper of the King's Swans' was in existence and in a document entitled "The Lawes, Orders and Customs for Swans", dated 1482/3, the first law states that all swans owned by those who pay less than 5 marks a year Freehold were forefeit to the King. To own swans was, therefore, a status symbol and also provided a tasty ceremonial dish until superseded by the turkey early this century."

For swan upping on the Thames see...


And in this day and age...

"Police have swooped on a group of East Europeans -- and caught them red-handed about to cook a pair of Royal swans. The asylum seekers were barbecuing a duck in a park in Beckton, East London. But two dead swans were also found -- concealed in bags and ready to be roasted.


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