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Changes: or, Love in a maze. a comedie, as it was presented at the Private House in Salisbury Court, by the Company of His Majesties Revels. Written by Iames Shirley, Gent.by James Shirley
London : Printed by G[eorge] P[urslowe] for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his shop neere Furnivals Inne gate in Holborne, 1632.

Anonymous on Sun 22 May 2005, ad 22 May 1662

There are a number of plays called “Love in a Maze”, but only one was written in 1632 and revised in 1662. It’s a comedy by James Shirley, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Shirley .

It’s not available online, but here’s a summary from Bartleby.com: "[The play is admirably named, since the plot is so contrived that the three pairs of lovers attach and detach their affections as often as possible in the course of five acts.] The farce consists in dressing up a page as a rich widow, who is wooed by the foolish knight, Sir Gervase Simple. An amusing piece of satirical literary criticism is introduced in the scene where Caperwit, the poetaster, discusses the function of adjectives in verse.”

Alan Bedford on Sun 22 May 2005, ad 22 May 1662

“Changes, or Love in a Maze” was a comedy of manners by James Shirley (9/1596 - 10/1666). Here’s an excerpt:

Melancholy, hence ! go get
Some piece of earth to be thy seat;
Here the air and nimble fire
Would shoot up to meet desire;
Sullen humor, leave her blood,
Mix not with the purer flood,
But let pleasures swelling there
Make a springtide all the year.

A short biography of the playwright at: http://james-shirley.biography.ms/

General discussion of Shirley’s comedies may be found in “The Cambridge History of English and American Literature” at: http://bartleby.school.aol.com/216/0812.html

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Irt can now be found online, through Google books.

Search +shirley +"love in a maze" site:books.google.com and scroll down to page 269

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