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Love's Mistress, or The Queen's Masque (Thomas Heywood). Google books' scan of the 1640 pub. text:


An excerpt from "LOVE'S MISTRESS" (1636)


PHOEBUS, unto thee we sing,
O thou great Idalian king;
Thou the God of Physic art,
Of Poetry and Archery:
We sing unto thee with a heart
Devoted to thy deity.
All bright glory crown thy head,
Thou sovereign of all piety,
Whose golden beams and rays are shed
As well upon the poor as rich,
For thou alike regardest each.
Phœbus, unto thee we sing,
O thou great Idalian King.

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"Love's Mistress, or The Queen's Masque," by Thomas Heywood, published in 1636. The plot is borrowed from the "Golden Ass" of Apuleius.
---Wheatley, 1896.

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