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CECIL, the name of a famous English family

The 2nd earl of Salisbury, a man of no words, except in hunting and hawking, was at first remarked for his obsequiousness to the court party, but taking no part in the Civil War came at last to sit in the Protectors parliament. After the Restoration, Pepys saw him, old and discredited, at Hatfield, and notes him as my simple Lord Salisbury
Lost his job as Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire and Dorsetshire
the Papa http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/A0843231.html
Famous papa: the first Earl, was Baron Burley Under Eliz I and James I:

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Here is a UFO by JE. Evelyn devotes one line to Cecil. 11th nov 42, "I went to see my L: of Salisburys Palace at Hatfeild ; where the most considerable rarity besides the house,(inferior to few for its Architecture then in England} was the Garden and Vineyard rarely well water'd and planted : They also shewd us the Picture of Secretary Cicil in Mosaique-worke well don by some Italian hand.
I must not forget what amaz'd us exceedingly on the night before; viz, a shining clowd in the ayre in shape resembling a sword the point reaching to the North; it was as bright as the Moone, the rest of the skie being very serene; it began about 11 at night, and vanish'd not 'til about one, seene by all the South of England."

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