Full title: ‘The Fables of Aesop paraphras’d in verse: adorn’d with sculptures and illustrated with annotations’. 1665.

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John Ogilby:

Badmouthed by Dryden in Mac Flecknoe:
"From dusty shops neglected authors come,
Martyrs of pies, and reliques of the bum.
Much Heywood, Shirley, Ogleby there lay,
But loads of Shadwell almost chok'd the way."
(ll. 100-103)

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AEsop fables a delight. For the nature of the scorpion . see later versions: 656 of them

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Title page to the 1651 edition, which must have been the one Pepys bought:

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new site for AEsop fables:

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Ogilby, John, 1600-1676. Aesop's fables. [English]

The fables of Æsop paraphras'd in verse, and adorn'd with sculpture, by John Ogilby. Ais⁻opou mythoi
London : printed by Thomas Warren for Andrew Crook, at the Green Dragon in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1651.
[16], 64, 55, [1], 55, [1], 64 p., 81 plates : port. (metal cut) ; 4⁰. Signatures: A⁴ *⁴ B-I⁴, 2B-2H⁴, 3A-3G⁴, 4A-4H⁴. With an additional title page, engraved: The fables of Æsop paraphras'd in vers and adornd with sculpture by Iohn Ogilby.
Wing (2nd ed., 1994), A689

This edition purchased by Pepys on Jan 6th. 1661 and received bound on Jan 18th.; it was not retained. The Pepysian library contains a copy of the edition of 1665, PL 2832, purchased on February 19th. 1666:

The fables of Æsop paraphras'd in verse: adorn'd with sculpture, and illustrated with annotations. By John Ogilby, Esq; master of His Majesties revells in the Kingdom of Ireland.
London : printed by Thomas Roycroft, for the author, MDCLXV. [1665]
[6], 211, [1] p., [2], 13, [1], 16-81, [1] leaves of plates : ill., port. ; 2⁰.
Title page in red and black. Portrait of author signed "P. Lilly pinxit P. Lombart sculpsit Londini."; other plates signed by Wenceslaus Hollar, and D.D.D.
Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), A693

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