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Rumbold served in the Wardrobe since 1629, was a Royalist agent during the Interregnum and became joint clerk of the King's Great Wardrobe (with Thomas Townsend) in 1660.

He died in 1667, and his wife, Mary, died soon after.

He has a nephew, Henry, who becomes storekeeper at Tangier, a British possession in Pepys's time in Morocco.

-- L&M Companion volume

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Reference page for the Wardrobe:

THOMAS TOWNSHEND, the other co-clerk:

Their immediate supervisor, Master of the Wardrobe, was Sir Edward Mountagu, Pepys's patron:

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RUMBOLD, WILLIAM (1613-1667), cavalier; brother of Henry Rumbold; attended Charles I until after the battle of Naseby, when he retired to Spain; returned, 1649, and acted as Charles IIs financial agent and secretary to secret royalist council; imprisoned about two years by Cromwell; engaged in Sir George Booth's plot; surveyor-general of customs, 1663.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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