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Glyn  •  Link

The East Crypt of the Guildhall has a portrait of Pepys standing in front of a ship in one of its stained glass windows. You can get a glimpse of it here:

The tour starts in the Great Hall, so first click on the East Crypt. Then click on the picture to stop it rotating, click on the stained glass window and then press the "+" sign several times to enlarge it. Unfortunately, although the Guildhall itself is open to the public and is free to enter, the East Crypt is usually open only to Groups for guided tours. The one exception is every September when it is open for "Open House Weekend"

Has anyone seen a proper image of this stained glass window anywhere on the internet?

Glyn  •  Link

The crypts of the Guildhall are rarely open to the public except for occasional guided tours, but are usually open to the public for one weekend in September, which is when I took thse photographs. The crypts have a number of stained glass windows dedicated to famous Londoners such as Dick Whittington, as well as several dedicated to various of the City Guilds, and there is one set of three that commemorates the life of Pepys.

Here are some of the photographs that I took of it:

Main picture of all three panels

Middle panel

Left-hand panel

Right-hand panel

A part of the Crypt

There are also two other pictures showing close-ups of details of the windows that I haven't linked to, but which are next to these photographs.

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