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Terry Foreman   Link to this

Methought this miserable wet day was one to stay inside the office or home in the Navy compound in Seething Lane; but Pepys is curious enough to leave Elizabeth and make a postprandial dash across the as-yet-unbuilt London to Samuel Cooper's shop in Henrietta St., Covent Gardens, to have a look at her in-small.

Phoenix   Link to this

Postprandial? Thank you Terry.

Carl in Boston   Link to this

Preprandial dash, I believe, as this happened before supper. Usually "preprandial" is matched to "cocktail".

LKvM   Link to this

For what it's worth, prandium means "late breakfast."

Terry Foreman   Link to this

The ancient Roman "prandium" was the second breakfast at midday. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prandium#Meals Pepys's dash might have been designed as a wake-up activity in the normal metabolic postprandial dip. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postprandial_dip (Consider the somnolent hour or two after the midday meal when at school or work?!) However, "postprandial" has come to mean "after eating a meal." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postprandial

Mae   Link to this

Is Coopers portrait of Elizabeth to be found anywhere nowadays?

Jenny   Link to this

Mae, it appears to be lost forever. Such a terrible shame.

Robert Gertz   Link to this

A greater pity none of Bess' pictures survive...If only Sam had tucked one or two in among the pages...

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