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Terry Foreman   Link to this

"...“Hide Parke” the first day acted; where horses are brought upon the stage...."

L&M note the stage directions do not demand a horse-spectacle, but there is a racing-scene in Act IV.

Robert Gertz   Link to this

"Hyde Park...Where gaming and gambling rule and men and women are played...Hyde Park, the revived play by James Shirley..." Hmmn...Bess eyes poster.

"Beck Marshall was ok." Sam notes. "And I did like that bug-eyed character, the nervous bureaucrat who never wanted to be seen in a hackey, taking his pleasures, always scribbling notes as he did so. Great comic relief."

"The philandering jackass who looked rather pathetic chasing everything female?" Bess eyes him.

"Exactly...What a twit. Though his persistence and attention to business was commendable..,And he did tell that story well."

"He did have saving graces, I suppose...I would have liked to see more of his wife though. She seemed an interesting character."

Jenny   Link to this

Well done, Robert!

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