Saturday 20 June 1668

Up, and talked with my wife all in good humour, and so to the office, where all the morning, and then home to dinner, and so she and I alone to the King’s house, and there I saw this new play my wife saw yesterday, and do not like it, it being very smutty, and nothing so good as “The Maiden Queen,” or “The Indian Emperour,” of his making, that I was troubled at it; and my wife tells me wholly (which he confesses a little in the epilogue) taken out of the “Illustre Bassa.” So she to Unthanke’s and I to Mr. Povy, and there settled some business; and here talked of things, and he thinks there will be great revolutions, and that Creed will be a great man, though a rogue, he being a man of the old strain, which will now be up again. So I took coach, and set Povy down at Charing Cross, and took my wife up, and calling at the New Exchange at Smith’s shop, and kissed her pretty hand, and so we home, and there able to do nothing by candlelight, my eyes being now constantly so bad that I must take present advice or be blind. So to supper, grieved for my eyes, and to bed.

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Chris Squire   Link to this

‘smutty, adj. < smut n. or smut v. Compare German schmutzig.
. . 5. Indecent, immodest, impure, obscene.
1668 S. Pepys Diary 20 June (1976) IX. 247, I saw this new play my wife saw yesterday; and do not like it, it being very smutty.
. . 1768–74 A. Tucker Light of Nature (1834) II. 124 He‥puts the women to the blush with his smutty jokes and rude jeers.
. . 1894 Tablet 16 June 920 It is only when the details are sensational or smutty that room is found for them in the columns of the great dailies.’ [OED]

john   Link to this

"grieved for my eyes"

Indeed -- I understand. (I lost the sight in one eye a decade ago and the other weakens annually.)

Robert Gertz   Link to this

A sharp literary eye has our Bess...

Jenny   Link to this

She is definitely not "a fool".

djc   Link to this

there seems to be a discrepancy between the day/date at the top of the day's entry and the day/date in the back/forward link in on the right eg
Saturday 20 June 1668 / Tue 19 Jun 1668

is it Saturday or should it be Wednesday?

Peter Taylor   Link to this

>>is it Saturday or should it be Wednesday?


Phil Gyford   Link to this

Not sure how that happened djc and Peter! I don't have time to investigate it properly right now, so I've removed the day of the week from the next/previous links for the time being, seeing as the rest of it is correct. (The site is slowly rebuilding as I type; should be finished soon.)

Clement   Link to this

"... Creed will be a great man, though a rogue, he being a man of the old strain, which will now be up again."

Does anyone have a sense of what "old strain" Sam means here?

Jenny   Link to this

I took "old strain" as meaning someone from before the restoration, unlike the sycophantic courtiers now surrounding Charles II.

I could well be wrong.

Robert Gertz   Link to this

Povy seems to believe the current discontent will put the old Cromwellians back in power, at least perhaps their remnants in Parliament, and Creed is clever enough to turncoat again when their time comes.

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