Tuesday 16 February 1663/64

Up and to the office, where very busy all the morning, and most with Mr. Wood, I vexing him about his masts. At noon to the ‘Change a little and thence brought Mr. Barrow to dinner with me, where I had a haunch of venison roasted, given me yesterday, and so had a pretty dinner, full of discourse of his business, wherein the poor man is mightily troubled, and I pity him in it, but hope to get him some ease. He being gone I to the office, where very busy till night, that my uncle Wight and Mr. Maes came to me, and after discourse about Maes’ business to supper very merry, but my mind upon my business, and so they being gone I to my Vyall a little, which I have not done some months, I think, before, and then a little to my office, at 11 at night, and so home and to bed.

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"wherein the poor man is mightily troubled, and I pity him in it, but hope to get him some ease"

Sam wrote the following letter to Commissioner Pett, dated today, February 16, 1664 on Barrow's behalf:

In answer to that one clause in your last letter touching Mr Barrow, I do assure you I judge him a most well-meaning man, and one whose aptitude to a little peevishness I am so far from accounting any ill circumstance in him, that even in that very respect I should prefer him before another of less mettle that might be frightened or flattered to a breach of his trust. To this I consider his being now better able to perform his place than either himself was two years since, or another is that probably upon his removal would succeed him. Nor am I alone in this opinion of his integrity and usefulness (besides yourself); Mr Coventry owns the like, and in order to his preserving him in the Navy hath cast about with some solicitousness how to render his present place contentful to him, and by his advice I have spent some time in reasoning with Mr Barrow about it, who besides his complaint of so hard dealing from some of the Board (which I doubt is not easily to be mended and therefore must be borne with) declares that unless he may have one instrument more at 2s. or 2s.2d. per diem to serve him as a clerk, and an addition of one or 2 more in the nature of labourers to attend wholly to the stores, he cannot safely to himself or honestly for the King undertake the charging himself with all the stores under his hand, or balancing of them, but with such an addition of help will at least do his endeavor to the utmost to so what is to be done in that business. Now I tell you I look upon performing the work of the storekeeper well to be worth 10 times such an increase in instruments, and have told Mr Coventry so too, who concurs in the granting him it rather than either not have the thing done or lose his endeavor in the doing it.....

"Further Correspondence of Samuel Pepys", edited by J.R. Tanner

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Thanks Jeannine, quite erudite;

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Having read this letter last night, in Further Correspondence by J.R. Tanner. I'm glad you had the patience to copy here for the rest of the group, well done Jeannine

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Mr Maes came to me,
Iudoco Maes,a Portyguese Jew, imprisoned for evaion of the duties, had tried to escape from England in December 1663. L&M.....Sam mentions this storey earlier, on the 10th of this month.

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Thanks, Jeannine - that must contain one of Sam's longest run-on sentences - 165 words!

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"I to my Vyall a little, which I have not done some months, I think"

The last time SP recorded having taken his Vyall up seems to be 2 November 1663:

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And to the annotating a little, which you have done for a month, I think.

Welcome back Terry!

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A heartfelt welcome back Terry F! We've missed you!

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And we welcome your Vyall back to the Consort.

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Welcome back Terry! Much more missed than Sam's vyall.

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I add my welcome!

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Too long Terry, glad to have you back!

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Bentornato, Terry

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Briut shlema, Terry!

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Also glad to have you back, Terry -- althought I'm in somewhat of a (technological) pickle myself...

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