Monday 20 January 1661/62

This morning Sir Wm. Batten and Pen and I did begin the examining the Treasurer’s accounts, the first time ever he had passed in the office, which is very long, and we were all at it till noon, and then to dinner, he providing a fine dinner for us, and we eat it at Sir W. Batten’s, where we were very merry, there being at table the Treasurer and we three, Mr. Wayth, Ferrer, Smith, Turner, and Mr. Morrice, the wine cooper, who this day did divide the two butts, which we four did send for, of sherry from Cales, and mine was put into a hogshead, and the vessel filled up with four gallons of Malaga wine, but what it will stand us in I know not: but it is the first great quantity of wine that I ever bought. And after dinner to the office all the afternoon till late at night, and then home, where my aunt and uncle Wight and Mrs. Anne Wight came to play at cards (at gleek which she taught me and my wife last week) and so to supper, and then to cards and so good night. Then I to my practice of musique and then at 12 o’clock to bed.

This day the workmen began to make me a sellar door out of the back yard, which will much please me.

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Josh  •  Link

N.B. that although the "sherry" link is at present empty, there are several entries on sherry and sack under the "wine" link.

Judith  •  Link

examining the Treasurer's accounts, the first time ever he had passed in the office, which is very long, and we were all at it till noon

Today’s accountants would not call this a very long task at all, but the big business lunch is still common practice. Sounds like a clean audit, too.

vicenzo  •  Link

"we three" i.e. the Willies [sirs]; Waith, Robert; the paymaster; Fenn, John; Paymaster to the Navy Treasurer; Robert Smith, Navy Office messenger;
Turner, Thomas;General Clerk;[he who wanted Sams Job] and of of course the supplier of the Spanish best. [ now Known as ?Harveys'??? great stuff?]
It was all told by Sam by telling us.
Strange:['of sherry from Cales'] Calais, France was once known as Caletum and Cadiz was known as Gades under the Roman influence Gades would have some Mooorish influence.. So i wander if that be rite.

AussieAnnie  •  Link

The arrival of Sam's first ever large purchase of vino and the arrival of the workmen to create the cellar door seem to have dovetailed nicely. Wasn't one of Sam's New Year Resolutions to drink less? Seems he has forgotten his Resolutions just as quickly as the rest of us. Cards seems to have taken up a lot of time lately, quite often with Lovely Liz in tow, has this replaced "theatre" perhaps?, and at the same time ingratiating himself with the best/most appropriate people at the same time - look at us, we are a lovely couple, please look kindly to us. In to time at all Sam & Liz will be up from the "C" list and firmly entrenched in the "B" list with a clear sight to the "A" list. Social climbing us an age-old hobby.

Pauline  •  Link

Social climbing ??
Uncle Wight is a fishmonger, though rich and childless--with Sam as a possible heir. It looks to me like Sam and Elizabeth have enjoyed the company of his niece (Mrs. Anne Wight), who is the same age as Elizabeth and has introduced a card game they are enjoying.

Australian Susan  •  Link

Harvey's and Sherry
As an ex-Bristolian, I have to comment on vincent's reference to the most famous sherry in the world! See this link for a history
(scroll down to Harvey). The company is now owned by Cadbury-Schweppes.

language hat  •  Link

"what it will stand us in I know not"

In other words, what it will cost us. OED:

III. 44. To cost. (Cf. L. stare, constare.)[...]
c. to stand (one) in (a price, etc.). Formerly the ordinary construction; subsequently restricted in currency, being partly fashionable slang, partly dialectal.

1488-9 Act 4 Hen. VII, c. 9 Where an hatte standeth not theym in xvjd. they woll sell it for iijs. or xld. 1544 in Lett. & Pap. Hen. VIII (1903) XIX. I. 445 Here they shall stand the King not in one penny. 1551 ROBINSON tr. More's Utopia II. iv. (1895) 150 The same standeth them in muche lesse coste. 1625 in Cosin's Corr. (Surtees) I. 71 Boording and breakfest will stand him in 16li per annum. 1651 H. L'ESTRANGE Answ. Mrq. Worcester Ep. Ded., It will be in some sort an Answer to God for the time it stood me in. 1713 Guardian No. 84 {page}2 It has not stood me in above a Button. 1772 F. BURNEY Early Diary (1889) I. 160 Do you know, it stands me in a hundred a year for chaises? 1837 DICKENS Pickw. xli, It'll stand you in a pound a week. 1848 THACKERAY Van. Fair xiii, It stands me in eight shillings a bottle. 1875 M. E. BRADDON Hostages to Fortune II. viii. 168 It only stands me in seven and six~pence.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

vicenzo remarks & asks "Strange:['of sherry from Cales'] Calais, France was once known as Caletum and Cadiz was known as Gades under the Roman influence Gades would have some Mooorish influence.. So i wander if [ Cadiz ] be rite." L&M say it is, and Cadiz in Cervantes was rendered as Cales by Edward Churton (1800–1874):

Sasha Clarkson  •  Link

Calais or Cadiz? I would guess that the good gentlemen know perfectly well where sherry comes from, but that this particular shipment has been brought in from/via Calais.

It's also interesting that Sam is topping up his sherry barrel with Malaga wine. Most sherries are naturally dry. Medium dry and cream sherries are sweetened by adding varying amounts of very sweet wine, usually made from the Pedro Ximenez grape, or occasionally Muscatel. The latter two grape varieties are also grown in the Malaga region, as well as Jerez, and used to make the intensely sweet fortified Malaga wines. So Sam was anticipating modern practice, even if his two wines came from different Spanish regions.

4 gallons of Malaga to top up a wine-hogshead of 70 or so gallons would mean that the wine should not be over sweet.

Sasha Clarkson  •  Link

I take it all back about Calais. Looking at the other references, it is clear by the context that Cales/Gales IS Cadiz. Sorry :)

Margaret Rose  •  Link

It pleases me more than I can say that today is Monday, January 20, as it was 354 (or 353) years ago.

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