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About Monday 16 May 1664

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I think Sam is saying they put the little dogg to sleep by feeding it opium. It's an early experiment with anesthesia.

About Monday 21 December 1663

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Cock fighting is most certainly illegal here in Virginia, but I used to know someone who had a ring set up in his indoor riding arena. Large crowds attended the matches on Saturday nights, including the County Sheriff, who was apparently quite an aficionado.

About Friday 18 September 1663

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Dorothy L. Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey mystery, The Nine Tailors, is a splendid evocation of the Fen country as it appeared in the 1930's.

About Monday 4 May 1663

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That vid calls to mind the Scottish Ambassador's description of Queen Elizabeth I dancing "high and disposedly".

About Friday 1 May 1663

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A "Morris-dance" was indeed a kind of rowdy folk dance. The source of the expression "Morrising about" meaning to misbehave, no doubt.

About Saturday 2 May 1663

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"Pricklouse" My 20th century mind keeps trying to translate this as "lousy (little) prick". But that's probably not the correct 17th c meaning. Too bad.

About Monday 9 March 1662/63

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Louise, I think his home is in the same building complex as his office. There was quite a discussion a while back, but he lives in a house provided by the Navy, as one of the perks of office.

About Tuesday 17 February 1662/63

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A jade is a sorry, worn out nag. cf Hamlet: "let the galled jade wince, our withers are unwrung" Applied to a woman, it has the same negative connotation - sorry and perhaps sexually well-used. Strumpet might be a more familiar word.

I don't think Sam is actually accusing her of sexual misconduct - it's more just a generally derogatory term.

How on earth did anyone manage to play a viol "sidesaddle" without being able to steady it with your legs? Did you have some kind of stand for it?