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About Friday 6 January 1659/60

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12th.Night; the twelve days of Christmas etc: a recent book review in the "Guardian Saturday Review" suggested that it was only in the Victorian era that we began to be encouraged to remove the Christmas decorations on 12th. Night - to gee us up and get us back to work. Prior to that the decorations hung about to brighten the drear days and no doubt to shimmer in the candle-light (for those who could afford candles!) of an evening until the days began to lengthen...I was performing in an Epiphany festival in Puglia, Italy a couple of years ago: big festival; church processions; fairs, bonfires in the streets, special deep-fried cakes &c. The children look forward to a visit from "Befana" - she's a witch, all sooty from dropping in via the chimney, who will leave sweets in a sock for "good" children, coal (or dark sweets - liquorice, or treacle toffee, maybe) for the bad. Surely all this stuff is agro-pagan pre-christian feasting: hope and fear and forgetting in the dark days after the solstice?