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About Tuesday 28 February 1659/60

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I think that train-band is correct, as in The Diverting History of John Gilpin by William Cowper, although he was rather later (1731–1800)
JOHN GILPIN was a citizen
Of credit and renown,
A train-band captain eke was he
Of famous London town.
It is worth a read

About Thursday 16 February 1659/60

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Thanks for re-starting the diary again Phil and for the ability to post. The summer seemed slightly lacking without the daily fix of Pepys.

About Monday 31 May 1669

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I should also like to thank Phil also for the brilliant original idea of posting daily Pepys blogs and allowing annotations that have without fail been funny, knowledgeable or insightful (and frequently all three). You have really attracted a wonderful group of followers who have been great companions during this stroll through the diary.

Although sad for us that the diary has stopped, it is perhaps for the best that he has bowed out at the top of his game, wielding substantial influence, with money in the bank (or in the strong room), with good friends to dine and be merry with and most of all with Elizabeth still with him. I personally would have loved to hear of his time as president of the Royal Society but alas that is not to be.

I shall now take a break (mourning) and start again in January since there is something particularly satisfying with knowing what Samuel was doing on this day 343 years ago or 353 years ago when I start again. I hope that Phil’s much deserved break will allow him to contemplate what a great and good thing he has constructed and I further hope that he can be persuaded to allow further annotations since they will surely be even more funny, knowledgeable and insightful for having passed that way before.