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About Wednesday 26 March 1662

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Giving a talk about Pepys (to the English-Speaking Union here) I mentioned his celebration of anniversaries of being cut for the stone -- that he had a special box made to hold said stone etc.
when a man in the audience said he'd seen that stone. I can't remember where he said it's kept, but it was in London. Anyone know if that's true?

About Thursday 23 January 1661/62

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Laura -- you'd like to know what the women think -- here's the start of The Diary of Mrs. Pepys, by Sara George:

31st December 1659

I have resolved to keep a journal, and it will be private. I shall keep it hidden, and it will be mine alone and I shall say whatever I like. So that on days and nights like this it will be company of a sort....

About Monday 11 November 1661

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Sam's official salary is only part of his income. There may be additional fees for some of his services, and he has no objection to gifts and downright bribes. The fact that they must be mildly undercover probably adds a bit of zest.

About Saturday 26 October 1661

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Nix -- when I clicked on the web address I got the Hudson Review but I couldn't get to the article. Is the problem on my end? -- I don't understand these things too well.

About Thursday 24 October 1661

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I've always assumed that those brief summaries of the day's events mark times when Samuel reconstructed the day later. He tells us, every now and then, that he's been bringing the diary up to date, and we know he jotted notes along the way. Those, it seems to me, are likely to be "where I was that day" records, as opposed to the more delightful entries penned in the heat of the moment.

About Monday 14 October 1661

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Some time in the 1980s I found myself in a bookstore in London, and found that year's just-released volume of the Diary, which hadn't been available yet in the States -- (you're hearing from an old lady, vague on specifics). What I do remember is that the store had a poster, a blow-up of Pepys' portrait, and they said yes, I could have it. They offered to mail it to my hotel, I said I was leaving the next day, they said no problem, it'd arrive on time for me to pack it -- and it did. It's a bit battered, but still on the wall in my office.

About Sunday 23 June 1661

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Vincente -- I'm pretty sure that our Samuel does indeed tell himself all. Often with details. It's probably part of the pleasure -- re-reading and re-living whatever.

About Thursday 14 February 1660/61

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As for Sam writing as any intelligent educated man of that era would -- one has only to read John Evelyn, a competent diarist, to appreciate Sam's remarkable gift not only with words, but with life itself.