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About Wednesday 15 February 1659/60

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Just wanted to say thank-you for all your hard work in setting up the annotation facility again. I look forward to reading interesting and amusing posts from the Pepys community.
You are a brave man to take on this huge commitment and responsibility for a second time!

About Sunday 30 May 1669

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"Pepys's Later Diaries" ed CS Knighton, Pub. Sutton 2004.
Not a patch on the 1660-9 diary but gives you a sense of what happened next.

Claire Tomalin's biography and Sam's letters to John Evelyn are well worth a read and also give you a broader picture.

About Sunday 16 May 1669

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Dorothy, Navy Office Pew

The Navy Office had a separate pew at St Olave’s church across Seething Lane on the corner of Hart St. (19.8.60) “This morning Sir W Batten, Pen and myself went to church to the churchwardens, to demand a pew, which at present could not be given us, but we are resolved to have one built”.
The resulting addition to St Olave’s consisted of three pews in a gallery on the South side of the church with its own canopied entrance and external steps. The place where the door went through the wall is still visible but sadly no other trace of the pew remains.
There was a certain amount of jostling for precedence, another power struggle which Pepys was determined to win. On Easter Day, 30.3.62, Elizabeth sat in the pew in front of Sam “and by that means the precedence of the pew which my Lady Batten and her daughter takes, is confounded. And after sermon she and I did stay behind them in the pew and went out by ourselves a good while after them - which we judge a very fine project hereafter, to avoid contention.”
However Pepys himself was not above taking the rules of precedence seriously. On 24th August later that year, he was hoist with his own petard when Will Griffin the Office doorkeeper, and Tom Hewett a clerk, “got into the pew next to our backs where our mayds sit; but when I came they went out, so forward some people are to outrun themselves.”

About Roll Call. Say hello!

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First started reading the L&M edition in 1997 (I was short of time and the format was appealing), finally finishing it in 2003. Then I started again at the beginning and so developed a bad Pepys habit! Got drawn in to reading about 17th century London and history of London in general (Tomalin, Ackroyd). Found this online version about 5 years ago when I was researching some ideas I had about Pepys' house.
Many thanks to all contributors (especially Terry Foreman) who have added so much to my understanding and of course Phil for his inspired creation and subsequent diligence in maintaining the site to the end of the diary; a huge achievement. Will be travelling down from Yorkshire with husband Rob for the walk/ lunch on 26th.

About Friday 14 May 1669

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Swim-headed: Boat or barge with a flattened, square end (bow or stern) raked to overhang the water at an angle of about 45 degrees.

About Tuesday 27 April 1669

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Legally, Tangier belonged personally to the King; part of his wife's dowry! A committee was set up to deal with the administration and Sam was made Treasurer of Tangier in 1665 so this isn't a Navy Office issue.

In 1683 Pepys visited Tangier in an official capacity... along with Henry Sheres!

About Friday 23 April 1669

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I agree, Jenny. Amusing to see how Sam is ignoring what is clearly a dalliance, at least, between Sheres and Elizabeth. He's turning up pretty much every week at the moment; theatre visits, lunch parties etc.