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Per L&M Companion:-
(1627-1712) Middlesex J.P.; from 1664 Bailiff of Southwark. A nephew of Speaker Lenthall and a kinsman of Albemarle, he was often employed in minor government posts; in 1648 as secretary to the parliamentary commissioners at the Treaty of Newport, in 1654 as secretary to Downing's mission to France, and after the Restoration as aide to Albemarle (in 1660 in the parliamentary elections at the university of Oxford, in 1665-6 in prize business). After his disgrace in 1666 he was removed from the magistracy but within a year or so had obtained a post in the excise and in the commission for collecting wine licences. He became notorious as a government agent rigging the trials of the Whigs after the Popish Plot.

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