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what does mace mean?

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in this context, the OED:
mace n1
1. An aromatic spice consisting of the fleshy aril or covering surrounding the seed in the fruit of the nutmeg tree, Myristica fragrans, dried and used (chiefly in powdered form) to flavour savoury dishes, sauces, etc. (the kernel of the seed being the source of nutmeg).
blade of mace: see BLADE n. 9.
2. oil of mace n. oil obtained by dry distillation of mace and used as a flavouring similar to nutmeg.
the word also has these meanings:
2. a. A sceptre or staff of office, resembling an ornamental version of the weapon of war, which is borne before (or was formerly carried by) certain officials. Also formerly: = {dag}the sceptre of sovereignty (obs.). serjeant at (also of) (the) mace: see SERGEANT n. 8b.
The mace which lies on the table in the British House of Commons when the Speaker is in the chair is viewed as a symbol of the authority of the House (cf. sense 2c). The mace has a similar function in other legislatures based originally on the British system.

mace n3
1. In Malaysia and Indonesia: a traditional unit of weight (about 2.4 grams or 37 grains), normally one-sixteenth of a tael; (hence) a gold or silver coin of this weight; a monetary unit based on this. Obs.

2. A Chinese unit of silver money weighing one qian (about 3.75 grams), and equivalent to one-tenth of a liang or tael; (hence) a denomination of the Chinese coinage system inscribed in English on silver coins issued from 1890 (the silver dollar being denominated as seven mace and two candareens).

mace n 4
a. The action or process of swindling; robbery by fraud.
on the mace: (a) engaging in or living by swindling; (b) (also on mace): on credit, ‘on tick’.

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