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There is a reference to Colonel Henry Danvers in the book, "Intelligence and Espionage in he Reign of Charles II, 1660-1685."

Many pages from this book are available online (link below).

The references cited relate to rebel plots, and Danvers is not a central character of the stories told. Pages 138, 162, 276, 317, 325.

A footnote in that book cites an article in the Baptist Quartely, 29, 1981, 'The Tangled Careers of Two Stuart Radicals: Henry and Robert Danvers', pp. 32-43.

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From book cited above,
"The Dutch authorities also wished for the usual wide scope of news about merchant shipping and individual contacts were to be made with noted rebels in England such as Colonel Henry Danvers and William Scot's brother-in-law."
p. 138

"(John Atkinson) was then interrogated by Arlington and Albermarle on 18 March 1665 and claimed that the leaders of the group were Lockyer, who was using the alias of Rogers, Jones, Carew, Lewis Frost of South Shields who had been prominent in the Durham Plot of 1663 and had planned to use the port to bring in arms for the rebels, Nathaniel Strange, Colonel Henry Danvers and Blood."
Page 162-3

"Intelligence and Espionage in the Reign of Charles II: 1660-1685", by Alan Marshall. Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Accessed as cited in the preceding post.

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