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St Gabriel Fenchurch
Plaque opposite Cullum Street
LocationFenchurch Street, London
Years built12th century

St Gabriel Fenchurch (or Fen Church as recorded on the Ordnance Survey) was a parish church in the Langbourn Ward of the City of London,[1] destroyed in the Great Fire of London and not rebuilt.


The church stood between Rood Lane and Mincing Lane.[2] At the beginning of the 17th century, John Stow wrote in his description of Fenchurch Street: "In the midst of this street standeth a small parish church called St Gabriel Fen Church, corruptly Fan church".[3] The dedication to St Gabriel is first recorded in 1517. Before that it had been known as St Mary's. Richard Newcourt wrote:

...this Church hath all along in the London Registry been recorded by the Name of S. Mary Fencherch, till the Year 1517. for then is the first time I find it there call'd by the Name of S. Gabriel Fencherch; and the next Year after All Saints Fencherch; whence, I conjecture, it may, probably, be dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to the Holy Angel Gabriel, and to All Saints.[1]

The church was lengthened by nine feet in 1631. This and other improvements were done at a cost to the parish of £587 10s.[1] Thomas Clark, a glazier, gave the church an east window, with the Royal Arms and the motto "Touch Not Mine Anointed".[2]

Along with the majority of the parish churches in the City, St Gabriel's was destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666. A Rebuilding Act was passed in 1670 and a committee set up under Sir Christopher Wren.[4] It decided to rebuild 51 of the churches, but St Gabriel's was not among them.[5] Instead the parish was united to that of St Margaret Pattens[1] although its land holding was not finally resolved until 13 years later.[6] and charitable bequests continued to be made using the old name[7] The land on which the church had stood was incorporated into the roadway, but part of the churchyard survived in Fen Court.[2][8]

Notable tombs in the church included that of Benedict Spinola, the Elizabethan banker.[9]


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