A merchant, husband of Sarah and son of James.

Some of the diary references linked to here refer to several members of the five Houblon brothers, including Isaac, John, Peter and one more unspecified. James became the closest of the brothers to Pepys.

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Per L&M Companion:

(? 1629 - 1700) Pepys' closest frined, . He stood surety for him on the two occasions in1679 and 1690 when he was imprisoned, gave him invaluable help in gathering evidence against his enemies during the Popish Plot, and was his chief informant on trade and shipping - and often enough on naval matters too. He lived in some state - 'en Prince' was Evelyn's phrase - in Great Winchester St., and conducted his business from there. He was a Whig - knighted and made and alderman in 1691, a director of the Bank of England from 1694, and M.P. for the City from 1698. He and Pepys exchanged portraits, and in his library Pepys kept a drawing of Sir James's , grouped with those of Deane, Evelyn , Thomas Gale and Hewer - the intimates of his old age.

His family too became Pepys's intimate friends . His wife ( b. Sarah Wynne, m. 1658) and her daughter-in-law planned to accompany him on a trip to France and Flanders in 1694, which never came off, and the whole household in 1680 shared a country cottage with him at Parson's Green. The daughter-in-law -- whom Pepys sometimes refers to a 'cousin' - was Sarah, wife of Wynne Houblon. She and her children were particular favorites of Pepys.

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