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According to the Companion, a Presbyterian clergyman.
Senior Proctor at Cambridge in Pepys's time (1651-2), Fellow of Jesus College 1645-62, and Rector of St. Andrew Undershaft in London from 1660 "until his extrusion for nonconformity in 1662." At the time of the Hague visit he was a commissioner for the approbation of ministers.

May none of us be extruded for nonconformity...

Jim Petty  •  Link

If the good man is a protestant what is he doing in a Catholic Church preaching? Did he have valid orders? For Anglicans these are essential.If the man didn't conform to accepted norms he should be expelled.Don't forget 15yrs earlier many of these protestant ministers had been intruded in to the livings of the Church whilst the Anglicans had been expelled and ,according to Walker, made to suffer. Indeed Bishop Wren was imprisoned for 20yrs whilst Archbishop Laud was murdered by a Calvinist Parliament for holding the Catholic Doctrine.

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