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John Hayward

from Paul Brewster on Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:38pm

Captain Hayward (who is now unkindly put out of the Plymouth to make way for Captain Allen
L&M: “John Hayward had served the Protectorate and had been with Sandwich on both the Baltic and the Dutch voyages of 1659 and 1660. Thomas Allin had been a consistent royalist.”

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Per L&M Companion:

A naval associate of Sandwich and one of the most experienced officers never to reach flag rank. A captain from1651, he commanded the 'Essex' in the Baltic in 1659 and held 11 commissions between 1660 and his death in action in 1673.

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HAYWARD, John, sen.—commanded the Plymouth at the time of the restoration; and in the same year was made commander of the Dover by the duke of York. In 1664 he was appointed to the Reserve, and the following year to the Dunkirk. In June 1666 he was appointed, by prince Rupert and the duke of Albemarle, to succeed captain Coppin, of the St. George, who was killed in action. In 1667 he was promoted, by the duke of York, to the command of the Baltimore. In 1668 he commanded the York of fifty-fix guns. In the following year he was removed into the Foresight, a fourth rate. From this time he does not appear to have been employed till the breaking out of the second Dutch war, when he was appointed captain of the Old James, a second rate. The following year he commanded the Sovereign; from which ship he was very soon afterwards removed, by prince Rupert, into the Royal Charles, a first rate. In this command he fell, in the action with the Dutch fleet which took place in the month of August, 1673, finishing gallantly, and covered with wounds, a long life nobly exerted in the service of his country.
---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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