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First Reading

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Nuttall, G. F. (2001), Milton's Churchmanship in 1659: His Letter to Jean de Labadie. Milton Quarterly, 35: 227–231. doi: 10.1111/1094-348X.00021
"In April 1659 Milton wrote on behalf of a *French church in London* to a French minister at Orange, Jean de Labadie, inviting him to become its minister as successor to *Jean D'Espagne*, who had died a few days earlier."
Malcolm, Noel: Aspects of Hobbes, pp. 285 - 286:
"The minister who conducted these services, Jean d'Espagne, was an admired preacher who acquired a number of aristocratic English patrons, including the Earls of Pembroke and Clare."
Vareilles, Robert: L'itinéraire pastoral de Jean d'Espagne, ministre calviniste, 1591-1659
Index librorum prohibitorum Appendix B
TABLE I. Authors Whose Complete Works Are Forbidden in the "Index of Forbidden Books":
Espagne, Jean d', 1591 -1659, né à Mizoën, Isère.
Fra. Protestant Théologien, Pasteur à Orange et à Londres
Condemned (1676) works inter alia:
Les erreurs populaires es poincts generaux, qui concernent l'intelligence de la Religion. Rapportez à leurs causes, & compris en diverses observations. Par Jean d'Espagne ministre du S. Evangile / Par Melchior Mondiere, demeurant à Paris, en la Court du Palais, aux deux Viperes. M. DC. XLIII. /
New observations upon the creed (London 1647)
Use of the Lord's Prayer (London 1647)
Popular errors in general poynts of religion (London 1648)
Nouvelles observations sur le décalogue (London 1649)

Second Reading

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D'ESPAGNE, JEAN (1591-1659), French protestant pastor and theologian; pastor at Orange, 1620; published 'Antiduello,' a discussion on the morality of the duel, 1632; pastor to a French congregation in London, which came to regard him as a schismatic.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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