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Mary Gifford was styled as Lady Bergavenny on 23 October 1662 as a consequence of her marriage. From before 1665, her married name was Neville; after 1666, her married name became Shelley.

Mary, (bef. 1649 - between 10 November 1669 and 13 November 1669), daughter of Henry Gifford, M.D.; m. George Nevill, ( bef. 1641 - 2nd June 1666.) styled, on the death of his brother 23 Oct. 1662, 11th Baron Bergavenny (Abergavenny).

M. (ii), after 1666, Sir Charles Shelley, 2nd. Bt., (bef. 1650 - 1681.)

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.