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Commissioned for the frigate Cheriton in Montagu's fleet, 1 May 1660. Son of the flag captain of the fleet, Roger Cuttance, he held 3 commissions 1660-65, and had died by 1688. (Source: L&M Companion)

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Captain: Henry Cuttance

Henry Cuttance was son of Roger Cuttance, Edward Montagu's flag captain in the Naseby, in 1660. Henry Cuttance commanded the 5th Rate Cheriton (20 guns and a crew of 90 men) in 1660. He was continued in command of the now renamed Speedwell, after the Restoration. In 1661, he comanded the Forester. In 1665, he commanded the Happy Return (52 guns). He fought in the Four Days Battle in June 1666. He was assigned to Sir William Berkeley's division. He was dimissed from the service after the battle.

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Bill  •  Link

CUTTANCE, Henry,—was appointed commander of the Speedwell in 1660, of the Forrester in 1661, and the Happy Return in 1665, all by commission from the duke of York.
---Biographia navalis. J. Charnock, 1793.

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