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From the L&M Companion:
"A commonwealth naval officer (captain since at least 1653) dismissed in 1660 as an irreconcilable Anabaptist. He then took command of a merchantman trading with the Mediterranean."
And this from L&M's footnote relating to his dismissal on 15 April, 1660:
"Writing to Monck on 12 April, Mountagu had complained against Deakins of the Worcester as an Anabaptist 'much discontented & busye in stirringe up others', and against Newberry of the Plymouth who had a method of governing his ship which was 'very disconcertinge & wearisome to his men that are not of his way'. Mountagu asked that they should both be removed, but that he himself be spared the task of proposing their dismissal: Carte 73, f.399r (copy in Mountagu's hand). Deakins had been a favourite of Lawson's [Montagu's Vice-Admiral], who in fact had recently asked Mountagu to make him Rear-Admiral: ib., f.355r. He was now sent off to the Straits to convoy duty."
Much debate occurred about the reshuffling related to these dismissals. See the entries for both 15 & 17 April:

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