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One of the Commonwealth navy commanders who continued under the Restoration. On 15 April 1660 was given command of the Newbury in place of Robert Blake, as part of the reshuffling that removed Capt. Deakins from Montagu's fleet.
L&M don't have much else to say about him: "Held commands in both the First and Second Dutch Wars; killed in action in 1666."

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Coppin, John - was appointed captain of the Centurion of forty-eight guns in the year 1660. In the year 1665 he was promoted to the St. George, a second rate. He commanded his ship at the bloody conflict of four days continuance between the Dutch fleet under De Ruyter, and the English under the Duke of Albemarle and Prince Rupert. Here, with many other brave men, he fell exhibiting that gallantry which merited a more fortunate, but not more glorious end.
---Biographia Navalis, 1794

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In St. John Baptist's Church in the Isle of Tenet in Kent

Here lies interred the body of John Coppin Esqr - the Son of William Coppin who was born the 24th of May 1607 and being Commander of his Majesties Ship Mary was by the Dutch shott through the Leg one the 28th of September 1652 and being commanded by his Majestie to command his Ship St. George one the 25th of July 1665 received five several Wounds from the Dutch one the 1st of June 1666 and one the 2nd of June following a Shott in the Belly whereof he died the 4th being aged 59 yeares 13 days.

--Monumenta Anglicana, 1718

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