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from L&M Companion.....
There were several in London (including one at the entrance to the Steelyard) and two (possibly three) in Westminster....Prior's lay on the w. side of Cannon Row, Westminster (the fourth house south of its junction with Brewer's Yard) and was taxed on 11 hearths in 1664. This was probably the 'further' one of iv.203. It was kept by Arthur Prior (churchwarden, St Margaret's in 1674 and 1675). He made a resonable fortune, leaving dowries of L500 apiece to his two daughters and L100 to his cousin Matthew Prior, the poet.

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Rhenish Wine-house, Cannon Row, Westminster, at the end of a passage leading from King Street. In Strype's Map of 1720 Rhenish Wine Yard opens south out of King Street, nearly opposite Charles Street. There was an entrance to it from the Privy Gardens, only open during the sittings of Parliament and the Law Courts. Pepys was "at the Rhenish Wine-house drinking," July 30, 1660, with the sword-bearer of London; and again a few days later "with Judge-Advocate Fowler, Mr. Creed, Mr. Shepley, and Captain Howard . . . and very merry." On November 24 of the same year he is again there with Creed and Shepley, and "did give them two quarts of Wormwood wine." On June 19, 1663, he is there with Mr. Moore, who showed him "the French manner, when a health is drunk . . . which is now the fashion." The last visit he records is on June 1, 1668, but he adds, "Where I have not been in a morning, I think, these seven years, or more." There were other Rhenish wine-houses in London, one was in Crooked Lane and another in the Steelyard.
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.

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